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Project Management

Effective Legal Solutions

Project management involves a range of skills and expertise to ensure a building project is completed timely, within budget and in accordance with the terms of the contract.

Good project management requires an intricate knowledge of building processes, standards and codes, exceptional communication and management skills, and the effective allocation of resources to deliver a high-quality product. An understanding of contracts and the ability to avoid legal complications, or at least minimise them, is essential.

One thing that can be guaranteed in the building industry is that things do not always go to plan. Delays and change are inevitable, requiring good analysis and leadership skills to get a project back on track.

Dealing effectively with contingencies such as trade and supply shortages, inclement weather, variations to the scope of works and changes to legislation will always form part of a project manager’s role. Recognising defects in a timely manner and using systems to manage and rectify these expeditiously will minimise claims down the track and help keep the project running smoothly. Similarly, the identification of potential risks and the implementation of processes to avoid, minimise or mitigate those risks is the cornerstone of good project management.

Engaging an experienced project manager to oversee your building project can help contribute to your profit line by identifying potential delays and risks inherent in the building industry and working with your team to address these issues before they escalate.

At Effective Legal Solutions we combine knowledge of the legal framework governing the construction industry with years of technical and practical expertise to deliver optimum project management services for all types of developments.

Our consultants have a genuine interest across a range of building projects and demonstrated abilities in negotiating with a range of stakeholders, coordinating resources, streamlining processes and recommending strategies to deliver timely results and minimise legal issues.

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