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Conveyancers in Central Coast

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Our Conveyancers in Central Coast offer a simple and competitive flat rate for both buying and selling of residential property on the Central Coast.

Our conveyancers in Central Coast understand that whether you’re a new home buyer, selling your property or purchasing an investment property, using an experienced conveyancing solicitor for your conveyancing transaction is a wise choice.

The conveyancing process moves quickly. From the moment you start looking for your dream home or list your property with a real estate agent, to the day of settlement, there are numerous legal factors to consider.

Time is essential in the conveyancing process and obtaining effective, efficient legal advice is critical to protect your interests and help you to make informed decisions.

At Effective Legal Solutions our Conveyancers recognise that buying and selling property can be both exciting and stressful and is generally the largest financial transaction most people undertake.

Accordingly, it makes sense to have your conveyancing transaction handled by a conveyancing solicitor with experience and knowledge of this constantly-changing area of law.

Let us help you achieve the best possible outcome.

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    Buying a property

    If you are buying real estate, the role of a conveyancing solicitor is essentially to make sure that you receive ‘clear title’ to the property.

    This involves conducting searches and investigations to ensure the property is not adversely affected, that the buildings have been constructed in accordance with local planning regulations and that the title is cleared of financial burdens or encumbrances on settlement.

    You should be aware of any restrictions affecting the land or issues with the improvements on the property.

    While no building is perfect, if there are construction or building problems then you need to know up-front so that this can be factored into your negotiations or plans for the property.

    Selling your Home

    Property owners in New South Wales need to have a written contract with certain disclosure documents in place before advertising the property for sale.

    We understand that once you decide to sell, you will be keen to get the house on the market as quickly as possible. No doubt the real estate agent will also be pressing for a marketing contract.

    Our conveyancing team can order the relevant documents quickly and prepare a contract, so you can start marketing your property as soon as possible.


    First Home Owner Grants and Stamp Duty Concessions

    Eligible first home buyers in New South Wales may be able to access government grants and stamp duty concessions.

    These incentives are aimed at improving housing affordability across the state and to assist first-time home buyers get into the market.

    These schemes change from time to time and our conveyancing solicitors can explain the requirements for accessing any grants or exemptions and complete the applications for the Office of State Revenue.

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    Let us help you achieve the best possible outcome

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