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There Is No Denying That Separation and Divorce Bring Untold Stresses Into Your Life.

There are many varying factors that make the process complicated, like the impact upon your children, custody, organising a family and divorce lawyer, changes to your identity, and all the while juggling everyday life. This can cause an intense array of emotions.

Emotions that we are often ill-equipped to handle. It’s important to remember that everyone experiences separation and divorce differently. You may feel sadness, anger, loneliness, shock, guilt, powerless, or even relief and a sense of excitement for the future. These responses are perfectly normal.

So Here We Offer a Few Self-Care Tips for Those Who are Going Through a Separation or Divorce:
  • Relax

    It is okay not to feel okay. Be gentle on yourself and don’t set unrealistic expectations. Whether you or your partner instigated your separation or divorce, or if the step is a positive one or not, allow yourself time to grieve the loss of a significant part of your life. Set achievable goals for yourself – keep it simple to begin with and let natural progressions happen.

  • Go Outside

    Not only is exercise the best stress relief available, breathing in fresh air and being outdoors has a way of clearing your head, realigning what seems important and assisting positive thoughts and feelings. It might seem like a whimsical notion but outside you obtain more vitamin D (improves mood and reduces the risk of cancer, stroke and diabetes) and regulates melatonin (the hormone that manages your body clock). Read about the science here.

  • Fuel

    You are what you eat (and drink). It is important, even if you don’t feel like it, to eat a healthy diet during times of stress. Some people will experience reduced appetite, but your body and mind need regular nutrients to remain healthy – vegetables remain the best way to fuel your body. Avoid comfort foods as much as you can and this includes alcohol.

  • Talk

    Sharing with others who have also experienced separation and divorce can provide you with knowledge and assurance. Avoid seeking advice from others who only express negativity. Seeking professional help is a positive way to stay supported during this time; this may be in the form of self-help books or counseling, or even seeking legal solutions and advice from an effective legal firm. Understanding your rights and responsibilities can provide peace of mind.

  • Child Welfare

    As an adult, it is your responsibility to place the welfare of any children caught up in the separation or divorce process above all else. You will be faced with many decisions during this time, consider how each decision will affect them. It might also come as a surprise that looking after yourself will go a long way in looking after your children. Keep your mind and body healthy so you can positively support them.

  • Respect

    It can be difficult to be amicable with your partner during separation and divorce. However, showing them some respect will go a long way in reducing the trauma that is often involved, particularly for your children. Do it for them, if not for your former partner. Also, your family lawyers will most likely point out that disrespectful behaviour will only work against your case.

As you can see, putting your well-being at the forefront of your mind during this trying time, emotionally and legally, is important for a clean transition.

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