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Litigation Lawyers Parramatta

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Dispute Resolution and Commercial Litigation Lawyers Parramatta.

At Effective Legal Solutions Litigation Lawyers Parramatta pride themselves on always giving you the litigation advice you really need, delivered by expert commercial litigation lawyers. Whether your dispute has strategic, reputational or financial importance and whatever the subject matter, your success is our priority. We provide representation in all NSW and Federal Courts, as well as conciliation, mediation and arbitration.

As well as being experienced and successful litigators, we also embrace alternative dispute resolution (ADR), including mediation, arbitration and expert determination as ways of resolving disputes on pragmatic and commercial terms. Where appropriate, we encourage the use of Alternative Dispute Resolution processes, making it more affordable and less time-consuming to reach a positive outcome.

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    Our dispute resolution and litigation lawyers are specialists in the following areas:

    • Alternative dispute resolution
    • Banking and finance
    • Company disputes
    • Construction/property disputes
    • Contract disputes
    • Debt recovery
    • Injunctions
    • Intellectual property disputes
    • Media/reputation management
    • Injunctions
    • Professional negligence
    • Sports disputes
    • Wills, probate, trusts and estates
    • Occupation and/or usage of property
    • Company law and shareholder/director disputes

    From our investment in ADR to our commitments on pricing, our clients can be assured at all times of a proven and effective service which is as well-suited to resolving all manner of disputes. Our face-to-face, partner-led working practices help us to identify issues and navigate them to a settlement that results in the best possible outcomes for you.

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    Let us help you achieve the best possible outcome

    Parramatta Litigation Lawyers